The Flock

The Blackdown flock of Dorset sheep has been recognised by EBLEX as the Most Improved Flock of Dorset Sheep in England Award twice – both in 2003 and 2014.

Graham and Anne Langford manage the 125 breeding ewes with help from their son Joss and his family. They are part of the Centurion Group of Polled Dorset Breeders, originally buying above average in-lamb stock from members to start the flock.

The stock were all EID tagged from the beginning in 2000 and this continues with Signet Performance Recording ever since. Under the mantra of “without accurate measurement there can be no performance management”, selective breeding and careful development of trait inheritance has taken the whole flock EBV averages to record levels. No individual EBV or Index is targeted, but a balanced approach to match rams to ewes to develop even and sustainable improvement is taken.  

They support the Performance Recorded sale for the Centurion Group of Breeders each April at Sedgemoor Auction Centre. In the past they have shown and won at County shows in all classes. Showing was not seen as the best format to develop and then sell their stock, with the intensive feeding and care required.


Stock Available

To view the stock information in the national breed-wide BASCO database, click onto each ram, or the pictures for Shearlings Ewes and Ewe Lambs, where you will see an embedded link to take you straight to the data for that animal or group.  Alternatively, you can get in touch to discuss your just what you are looking for and to arrange a visit to the farm.


Shearling Ewes

Ewe Lambs